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     Fantastic punctuality and excellent correspondence over what needed to be done for the clean were both exemplary. The cleaning team arrived right on time and completed their work excellently - thank you!
M. Robinson26/07/2023
     I try to do comprehensive home cleaning once or twice a month, but occasionally, the situation calls for a deep clean. In my current situation, that's just too time-consuming for me. Luckily, I heard about EdmontonCarpetCleaners and the great services they're able to offer. After speaking to their team, I hired them straight away and wasn't left disappointed. They provided a fantastic service, cleaned my house from top to bottom, leaving every room, every surface spick and span.
Candace Y19/05/2020
     After our home was affected by sudden flooding, I needed to clean my home fast. My neighbour referred me to EdmontonCarpetCleaners. They quickly assessed the situation and cleaned my home in less than a day. No wonder they have the best reputation for deep cleaning!
Fred Howard20/09/2019
     Cheap and dependable carpet cleaning service! Would use Edmonton Carpet Cleaning Company again!
Jordan M.10/03/2017
     I have 7 grandchildren and they often come to my home on a weekly basis. My husband is currently in hospital, so I needed a little extra hand with the housework. Carpet Cleaning Services Edmonton have a really good domestic cleaning service and I've been very happy. They fit in with my routines and have been a real life saver whilst I go through this slightly difficult patch. Thanks again!
Agatha J. 15/03/2016
     I had recently had some decorating done in my house and there was a fair amount of mess left afterwards. So before I put my furniture back in its place I had the place professionally cleaned. EdmontonCarpetCleaners did a spring clean service that covered every minor detail, such as skirting boards, windows and sills, kitchen and bathroom, door knobs and lights. Nothing was missed; the cleaners did a wonderful job. Now the place looks so clean and tidy. I would suggest anybody considering needing a cleaning company to do some cleaning services in your home to hire this firm they were exceptional.
Duncan Minder24/07/2014